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New Friend

– Marg P. –

When our younger daughter was about 5 or 6 years old, we lived next door to a family who were selling their home. They had two young boys, who were particularly adventurous and didn’t really take any interest in our daughter as a playmate.  She really wanted a close companion.

One day we were chatting about the family next door leaving and she said ‘Mum, do you think the new family next door will have any kids?

I said that I had no idea, and she said she really hoped they would have a girl she could play with.  I suggested that we pray and ask God to bring a family that had a little girl. And so we did!

We simply prayed for the new family, that they would be friendly people, and that she would have a new and special friend. We prayed quite a number of times over the next month or so, and then finally we saw God’s answer to the prayers of a little girl and her mum.

A beautiful family moved in next door. They had a little girl my daughter’s age, and the two little girls became great playmates!

Once again God showed us how interested He is in the details of our everyday lives, and how He longs for us to involve him.

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