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At the very heart of the bible lies the concept of changing the world for the better. The world is in desperate need of Jesus and salvation (Mark 16:15, Matthew 28:19). Not only that but also at the very core of the gospel is the commandment to love another. DCC strongly believes in this mandate and sends teams around the world every year to bring the good news to all that will hear.

DCC supports feeding programs, missionaries, orphanages, building projects, bible translation and much more. We support and send missionaries to South Africa, Cambodia, India, Thailand, and more. here are some details of the missions work we support.

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Doncaster sends teams to South Africa in connection to Healing Waters Sanctuary. We have a gold coin donation box in church which goes to feeding the poor of that area. DCC has helped to give towards a new building at Healing Waters Sanctuary in Durban, South Africa. We have had the priviledge of sharing fellowship with HWS. DCC has also helped donate a fence for HWS as the church had been robbed at gun point in the past!


Long term missionaries and members of DCC Mimi and Didi are working hard in Cambodia. Their mission has been to translate the Bible into a local dialect so that the people can read the Bible in their own language. They have also set up and are currently running a church for the local community. It isn’t easy for them so DCC has been trying to support them where they can. We were able to contributed money towards them getting a 4wd to cope with the tough conditions.

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Doncaster City Church and WaterLife Ministries International (WMI) have combined efforts in ministering and supporting the people of India, in particular Chennai and Bangalore.


DCC supports the Perry family in Thailand. Tim and his wife Bronwyn are impacting the community through their preaching, leadership and running times of worship. They also help in seeing events take place to enrich the community, such as Christmas services, sport for children and more.

We have sent numerous church members on mission trips there, where our people have helped by running games with the local children, preaching, praying and giving financially.

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If you would like to know more about our overseas missions please feel free to email us by clicking here.