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Our Children’s Ministry at Doncaster City Church includes three children’s programs run during the school term. These programs cater for various age groups ensuring we best serve and teach the children every Sunday. The children learn the same bible story or subject in each program, but it is modified to suit their specific age group.

These programs allow us to ensure children have fun on a Sunday while taking part in activities designed to lay the all-important foundations for their faith.

These programs are run by leaders who hold current WWCC and have undergone leadership and screening practices.

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We have a heart to share God with children, so that they may also be passionate followers of Christ. We know that Christ was passionate about children, taking time to love and minister to them (Matt 18:14, Mark 10:16), and so we too want to share Christ’s love with them.

Christians often reflect that they made a decision to follow Christ as a child, and so we want to ensure that the children of  DCC are well supported in building these foundations of  faith. We are passionate in running fun activities for children whilst creating a time of teaching and reflection.

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If you would like to know more about our children’s ministry please feel free to email us by clicking here.