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Miracle Healing from 2nd Degree Burns

– Barbara Law –

At the age of 18 months my granddaughter received 2nd degree burns to her leg and hip. She needed a skin graft in her hip area as she was left with a deep wound.  Her mother, father and the whole family were praying for a miracle that God would heal Elle and she would not have to have an operation. I was at the hospital with my daughter and granddaughter on the day of the operation, we continued to pray that God would heal Elle and she would not have to have the skin graft.  While we were waiting for the operation nurses and doctors were checking Elle’s wound. The first time they uncovered the wound my daughter and I felt it didn’t look as large as the last time we saw it. This gave us hope and we prayed God would shrink the wound more, each time they checked the wound was getting smaller, we knew God was shrinking the wound.  Nurses started to question among themselves as to whether it was large enough for the skin graft. My daughter and I kept praying there would be nothing to operate on.  When the surgeon came he told my daughter his staff had told him to have a look at Elle before they prepared her for the operation, on checking Elle the surgeon said to my daughter “I cannot justify doing this operation.”

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