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Miracle Birth

– Barbara Law –

When doctors tell you there is no way you can carry this baby to full term or to a stage where he can live but you know the word of God “I will bless you, I will give you your hearts desires” as you claim the Word of God and stand on His Word, miracles happen. At the age of 43 I became pregnant with my son Matthew, my doctors and blood pressure specialist told me I would not be able to carry my baby past 18 weeks, they expected my blood pressure that was already high when I became pregnant would be out of control be 18 weeks and they would have to take the baby to save my life. I told the doctors God would control the level of my blood pressure, keep my baby safe and I would carry my baby to full term or until he could live outside the womb. I was expecting him to be born healthy well and strong.¬†God blessed Peter and myself on 27th June 1987, 2 weeks early, Matthew was born healthy well and strong, a gift from God. Matthew is now an associate pastor in Doncaster City Church and is married to his beautiful wife Sarah and they have a beautiful daughter Alira.

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