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Heart Healing

– Barbara Law –

Patrick was born in August 2016. Patrick had a hole in his heart and his heart was not large enough for doctors to operate on. Patrick’s parents were told he would only live for a couple of days. I know my God is a miracle working God so I asked our church prayer team to pray for Patrick. Praise God Patrick’s heart started to grow on the left side, the doctors said it was a miracle as they had never seen this happen before, now Patrick’s heart was large enough for his doctors to operate on him. After the operation Patrick’s doctors told his parents it was a miracle how fast Patrick recovered from his operation and was able to go home with his parents. Patrick is now a healthy one-year-old. His parents and our prayer team thank God for the scriptures that we can use to pray and claim healing over those who are sick. Isaiah 53:5 By His wounds we are healed.

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