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Healing From a Rash

– Matthew Law –

I was recently looking after my daughter and a horrible rash came up on her arms and legs. My daughter was happy and not upset at all by the rash. I could not work out why the rash had come up, what caused it, or what it was. When my wife arrived home we looked at the rash together. We discussed what could have possibly caused it, but nothing really added up. Eventually I realised that we had been ponder it for a couple of hours but not once prayed. We decided that instead of praying first, we would actually praise God. I started singing to God and as I was singing the rash disappeared. I had only been praising God for a matter of minutes. I had decided to praise God first as the night before we heard a sermon about Paul and Silas singing praising to God and a miracle occurring. God did the same for my family. God healed my daughter of the rash.

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