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God’s Love & Salvation

– Matthew Law –

I grew up attending church with my mother for several years, but I never really connected with the church myself. When I was eight years old I started having reoccurring dreams of preaching and leading the church which made no sense because I did not enjoy or feel comfortable at the church. I put a challenge to God that if he was real and I was meant to pursue these dreams that he would have my brother in law who was a minister in the church at the time to come and tell me “it is time” three times. However, this never happened. And the dreams went away. When I was sixteen I remember still being at the church and thinking it was ridiculous. I saw my brother in law out of the corner of my eye, and I thought in my head “I am over this, I will not be coming back.” When the night finished and I went to leave my brother in law came over and told me he had to pray for me. The very first thing he said was “It’s time, it’s time, it’s time…” As he prayed I burst into tears and I know that God had answered my prayer. He showed his love to me personally by answering my prayer.

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