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Finding Jesus

-Marg P.-

I was raised in a nominal Christian home, and sent to Sunday school as a child.  I grew up in the church knowing about God but not really knowing Him at all, and didn’t understand how any of it was relevant to my life. My life was spent doing ‘my own thing’ but I always had a deep longing inside for something more. I married and had a beautiful family but it was when we lost our third child to stillbirth, I knew I needed answers. After searching for three years, researching many religions (I was definitely not looking in Christianity) and embracing the New Age, practicing yoga and meditation for spiritual fulfilment, I still came up short. I found myself often feeling depressed for no particular reason. It was over this time that I was blessed by the friendship of a wonderful couple who gently pointed me in the right direction. One morning when I was very down, my friend called in unannounced, and gently led me to Jesus. I came to Him, just as I was, full of ‘mess’ and the stuff of life I couldn’t fix. We prayed and over coffee my friend shared with me, and this time I really listened.

I started to read the bible again, only now, instead of giving up as before, I couldn’t put it down and I ‘got’ it for the first time in my life! God had finally filled that emptiness inside me, and I know why I’m here.  He’s performed amazing miracles in my life over the years – too many to share here, and I will never look back. He is everything to me now, and I am so blessed, knowing that with Him I can deal with whatever life brings my way. I am grateful every single day that He found me.

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