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A Dream to Salvation

– Grace –

One night I had a dream that left a big impression on me.

I dreamt I was watching T.V and suddenly the power went off. Thinking there was a blackout, I looked up at the closed curtain but I could see sunshine outside. Suddenly a circle of light appeared in the top of corner of the window through the curtain. The light moved along the curtain up and down the folds until the other end, it stopped in the middle, and the curtains reminded me of a man in robes, his arms open wide.

Then I heard a voice. “Pass my word on (spread my word)”

I couldn’t look up when I heard the voice – I simply raised my arm and said “yes”

And then I woke up. It was 4 am in the morning.

“Is it God? If it is God why was the voice clear and strong like a young man, not a thunderous voice?

I realized that the voice must be Jesus. Jesus visited me in my dream!

But I thought that it would’ve been easier if the voice told me “believe me” or “follow me” since I didn’t understand what he meant, so I would not need to talk to other people because I am shy.

I then remembered I meet Mimi that day and she told me about God.

I always thought people who believe in God were amazing because they are people of peace, love and thankfulness. I tried quite a few times to go to the Church in my life but it never worked. I couldn’t believe God without an experience like seeing or hearing Him.

Mimi suggested to me to pray to God and ask for it.

That night before I slept I did pray for one minute then slept and had the dream.

I was happy and excited to get an answer to my pray.

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