Ps. Colleen Kally

Ps. Colleen Kally is a seasoned preacher, pastoral counsellor and mentor, who has travelled the world ministering with Calvin. She has a heart for people and her desire is to see people living well, while enjoying their faith and walk with Jesus. As the daughter of Pastors (and daughter-in-law of Pastors), she has a passion for helping and mentoring people – seeing them rise to their full potential. Colleen has a heart to see the community thrive and serves on religious the Church Board as well as the local Christian School Board and was the Chairperson of the Parents Association for many years. Colleen heads up the Pastoral Care and Events Programs at DCC.

She completed her Diploma of Ministry at Harvest Bible College and holds many vocational qualifications.

Colleen is married to Calvin and they are the proud parents of 3 beautiful young ladies